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Interesting airplanes or helicopters that I have flown.

Hughes 369 / 500 / OH-6A Hughes 500
The Hughes 500 has many names: it is Hughes' model 369, also known as the OH-6A "Cayuse," or "Loach" in military trim. Originally built as a LOH (Light Observation Helicopter) for use in Vietnam, it was used as a scout ship in "Pink Teams," paired with the awesome AH-1G Cobra attack helicopter. In the civilian world, the 500 is used for a wide range of missions, including utility, survey, tours, and transportation. [GO] »

Bell 206B Jetranger Bell 206B Jetranger
The Bell 206 "Jetranger" is one of the most successful helicopter designs of all time, finding service in all corners of the globe doing nearly every type of work a rotorcraft could conceivably perform. The 206B is powered by an Allison Model 250-C20 turboshaft engine, which is rated at 400shp, and cruises at speeds up to 115 knots. [GO] »

Pitts S-2C Pitts S-2C
The Pitts Special S-2C is one of the most exciting FAA-certified aircraft in the world. A modern-day biplane with a 260HP Lycoming AEIO-540, this Unlimited-class airplane is capable of anything your imagination can dream up. It's so much fun, they should make it illegal. [GO] »

Twin Comanche Piper Twin Comanche
One of the most economical, robust, and versatile light twins ever built. This Twin Comanche PA-30B was built in 1966 and is still going strong. Capable of 165KTAS on 16GPH... that's 8GPH per engine! Read more about my Twin Comanche by clicking here. [GO] »

Yak-55M Yak-55M
The Russian-built Yak-55M is a single seat monoplane sporting a 9-cylinder 360HP supercharged Vendenyev radial engine. One of the most interesting airplanes I've flown to date. This one's for sale! [GO] »